gendered fashion is over- so we size a little differently


you can use the size filter on any page to select your sizes, and the results will include not only items in that size but also items that will fit that size. if you don't see your size, we are currently out of stock but we do stock all sizes so check back soon.

this helps sizing to be more accurate, as we inspect each item for fit because tags aren't always reliable. this also helps prevent crossing into scarcer ranges like plus sizes unnecessarily, so that everyone can find something in their own size range.

all of our numbered sizes roughly follow american size guidelines and any non-american size will be converted and both sizes given in the description. 

because it would require resizing every item to create a new genderless sizing system, we mostly work off of "women's" sizing and waist sizes in inches. no matter your gender expression, you can use your measurements to find out what size you are in us women's sizing and use that size while you shop with us. 

you can go to

for more info on finding your us women's size


here's how we size:

extra small = 0-2

small = 4-6

medium = 8-10

large = 12-14

extra large = 14-16

1x = 16 plus

2x = 18-20 plus

3x = 22-24 plus

4x = 26-28 plus

5x = 30-32 plus

6x = 34 plus

we do our best to keep sizing and fit as accurate and telling as possible, but we do not measure every garment. DM or email us if you have any questions about a specific item or our sizing system.