affordability is our #2 priority after sustainability so we do our best to be accessible for everyone no matter their resources

sustainability isn't being done right if it isn't accessible to EVERYONE because we need everyone to join the movement in whatever way they can to save our planet!

how we price:

most single items are $2-$20

items are priced individually based on how much we pay for them, so some vintage items and special pieces will reflect that higher cost

we source everything individually by hand to find the best pieces for you and our prices are based on that effort! they still almost always beat fast fashion prices in order to make shopping sustainably the easier and more affordable option for everyone!

follow us on instagram, facebook, and tiktok @nebulathriftshop                                              for flash sales, seasonal sales, giveaways, and other deals!

if our prices still don't work for you, we offer discounts to anyone who needs one through DM! don't hesitate to reach out and let us know what you need!